Compassionate Communities are communities who provide support to someone who is dying and/or their carers. The communities could be family, friends, neighbours, schools, community groups, local businesses, local organisations, a faith group or a geographical area. People in Compassionate Communities help care for people who are living towards the end of their lives and/or their carers, through small acts of compassion, supporting them at this crucial stage of their lives, often enabling them to be cared for and die at home, where they want to be.

Compassionate Communities is based in Sandwell, West Midlands, UK, and is part of the Murray Hall Community Trust.

This Blog has been set up to raise awareness about how compassionate communities can support people in their end of life. It shows examples of acts of compassion, either offered or received, and projects run in support of, or exploring compassion and care in death and dying.

Compassionate Communities
Murray Hall Community Trust
SGS House
John Lane
West Midlands
B69 3HX

Tel:                 0121 612 2939

Email:            enquiries@compassionatecommunities.org.uk

Website:        www.compassionatecommunities.org.uk

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